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Covid-19: Important

Please do not call Agility but use the email addresses below instead.

Whilst we continue to operate as normal with all staff working from home, there are some changes to our contact details below. We are not able to accept bookings via fax at this time. With this in mind, all booking forms and tasks should be sent electronically via email to – please note that in addition to scanned documents, we are also able to accept clear and legible screenshots and photographs taken via smartphone.

If you have already booked on the  Agility system, your move is now in the THAW stage. This means we are contacting you in date order to rebook. Moves have been categorised by FLC's into 'phases' (phase 0, 1, 2 and 3).  All these moves are still booked on the Agility system (removals, not housing) and we have your details.

Your Chain of Command will be able to assist should your allocated phase not suit your requirements, Agility cannot change this.

If you have not yet booked on the Agility system and require a move, please do so ASAP outside of this process. The 'phased' process will not apply to you if you do not already have an Agility reference number and have not already applied for removals on this website.

You MUST also remember to complete and obtain the E1132 application for housing, in order to have a confirmed residence to move into. Please do this immediately even if you had previously booked through ModNet.

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Agility - Covid19 Operating ConditionsV3.2FINAL - 240520.pdf



Welcome to the GRMS web-based Internet-accessible system developed and operated for the Ministry of Defence (MOD) by a contracted service provider, Agility Logistics Limited (Agility).  You will be requested to enter certain personal and other data such as Name, Rank, Staff/Service Number, Collection and Delivery addresses.  These and other data are necessary for the system to evaluate your shipment entitlement and to enable the Unaccompanied Baggage Manager (UBM) and the moving company to carry out the required work to move your goods from your losing unit to your gaining unit.  The collection of the data is in accordance with Joint Service Publications JSP 752 and 464 and falls within the purposes covered by the MOD registration under the Data Protection Act 1998 (registration number Z5343420).

Please remember to read carefully, the JSP 800 on the left hand side of this page.
It is essential to give us a maximum of contact details as email addresses and phone numbers change when moving. Do let us know spouse emails and phone numbers as well as private email addresses etc wherever possible.

Please enter your service number and name to continue. If you do not have a service number please consult Agility GRMS.

Agility cannot proceed with your booking until it has consent from you to use your data to perform the services required. If you require further explanation or have any queries please contact or read our GDPR policy statement found here . Otherwise, in order to continue, please tick the box below giving us your consent and click ‘next’.

I give consent for Agility to use my personal data in any way necessary in the execution of the services I am asking them to provide. I understand Agility will not use my data in any other way than to perform those services, audits and reports to the MoD and Leidos.

All users of the service will receive a Quality Survey Form automatically after their removal is complete. To contact the Agility Quality Control Dept for any other reason please use . If you would like to register a complaint, this can only be done by completing the Complaint Form in the help section and sending it to the Quality Control email address.



Agility - Covid19 Operating ConditionsV3.2FINAL - 240520.pdf
Start your registration here

Please remember to read carefully the JSP 800 document (in Help section > Joint Service Publications/Policy)
It is essential to give us a maximum of contact details as email addresses and phone numbers change when moving. Do let us know spouse emails and phone numbers as well as private email address etc wherever possible.


Once you have completed the process and printed your booking forms and when returning to the website, please do not change your booking and do not hit save a 2nd time. This will cause a new form to be generated (sequence 2, 3 etc) and means you will need to get your booking forms signed and stamped again as we cannot accept previous editions. If of course you have made an error and need to change information, you will need to get your forms signed and stamped again.

Please book your shipment on line as soon as possible after you receive your assignment order. Any booking within 28 days of the requested packing date may result in us having to offer you different dates to those you requested. You may book your shipment as much as a year in advance of your move.

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